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5 After Holiday Diet Secrets


By Diane Hanson

It happens to all of us. Good company, incessant holiday binges, and booze-filled holiday gatherings can derail your best efforts to keep a healthy diet. Before you know it, the numbers on the bathroom scale creep up slowly, and your pre-holiday clothes feel uncomfortably tight. You want to lose weight in the shortest time possible and get back to "normal" shape after holiday feasting.

These expert-endorsed diet secrets will help your body bounce back quickly and lose post-holiday weight fast. You're sure to drop pounds and regain your slim silhouette in a matter of weeks.


How to Lost Weight After the Holiday Season

1. Food Diary

Make a food listing of what you've eaten over the last few days. Write down in a notepad everything and anything you drank/ate including snacks. With a detailed food journal, you can track your eating patterns and identify the problem areas. It may be emotional eating – stress, tension, anxiety, or loneliness, mindless high-calorie snacking, or poor dietary choices.

Once you've this information, look back and work on whatever food weaknesses you have. Perhaps you overindulged and had too much carbs, fats, or alcohol?

Tip: You can get free food journal print out online that can be used to record your food intake each day.



2. Liquid Calories

Liquid calories are the biggest offender for holiday weight gain. Sugary drinks are easy to consume and the calories add up very quickly. Avoid soda, fruit drinks and sweetened beverages. Drink healthy liquids such as green, white or black tea instead. They contain epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a powerful antioxidant that helps increase metabolism and also provides you with many health-promoting benefits when consumed regularly in moderate amounts.

Also, steer away from food or drinks that contain artificial sweeteners. Research has shown that artificial sweeteners cause weight gain by increasing food cravings. Use stevia, honey or agave to sweeten your drinks.



3. Salt

While salt has no calories, it will make you fat as it cause your body to retain water. Water retention shows up as excess weight. Salt also stimulates the appetite causing you to eat more. Think potato chips (crisps), pretzels, tortilla chips and salted nuts.... these sodium-laden snacks just make you overeat. Look at the ingredient labels on packaged foods, and you'll be shocked at how much sodium they contain.

Getting rid of excess salt is very easy. Drink more water, but make sure it's pure, contamination-free clean water. Water suppresses the appetite naturally and helps the body metabolize stored fat. Studies have indicated that an increase in water intake will cause fat deposits to decrease.

Moreover, water helps to relieve constipation. Constipation can be a reason why you put on weight. Eating at irregular times, and overeating during the holiday season can upset your gastrointestinal system and leave you constipated.



4. Portion Size

Portion control is one of the easiest steps to take if you want to lose weight. We often eat our meals without thinking about how much food we put on our plates. We may be eating two or three times the healthy serving size. When you learn how to control the amount of food you're ingesting, you can cut a lot of calories from your daily diet.



5. Exercise

Weight loss is about eating less calories than you expend everyday. Regular exercise, not fad diets, is the best way to lose weight healthily and gain energy. And, exercise doesn't have to mean spending hours in the gym such as pounding relentlessly on the treadmill, or lifting weights more than you can handle. Overzealous gym training sessions can be counter-productive and damage your body.

Brisk walking or cycling, for example, is great to kick-start an exercise regime after a long hiatus. Aim for at least 20-30 minutes of moderate activity each day.

And, if your fitness routine is getting boring, you can burst boredom with something new. Martial arts, ice-skating, dancing and tennis are great alternatives. They keep your heart rate pumping, and you lose weight easily while having bucketloads of fun!



how to lose weight after the holiday season

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