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How to Prevent Sleep Wrinkles



By Tiffany Moore

If you wake up in the morning with unsightly pillow creases on your face, don't be alarmed. Sleep lines, sleep wrinkles or sleep creases o n face occur as a result of sleeping on a wrinkled pillow case or where your skin is pulled and creased. The good news is, sleep wrinkles can be prevented as they are not permanent wrinkles and will smooth itself out within the next few hours.

When you sleep, your skin regenerates itself. But if your face is pressed against the pillow in the same position for 6 to 8 hours, proper blood circulation can be impeded.

This leaves a depression, which we call sleep wrinkles. People who wake up with sleep wrinkles, often wake up with swollen and red faces as well.


What You Can Do to Stop Sleep Wrinkles on Face

To get rid of a pillow crease quickly, wash your face in warm water and then  massage in a rich moisturizer to plump up those sleep lines.


To prevent sleep wrinkles, the best method is to sleep on your back. People who sleep in this position don't develop pillow wrinkles.


If you can only fall asleep, sleeping on your side, then use a silk or satin pillowcase that allows your face to glide across the pillow thereby reducing skin wrinkling.


Or, try placing a pillow under you knees to minimize stress on your lower back. But if that's really uncomfortable for you, investing in an anti-wrinkle pillow is a good solution.


An anti-wrinkle pillow supports your head while keeping your face away from the pillow. It is said that anti-wrinkle pillows also help to prevent hair damage and improve sleep quality.


Additionally, using a good moisturizer regularly will keep your skin supple and thus able to spring back quickly. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity due to a loss of elastin and collagen. It no longer snap back into shape as easily as it once did.


Pillow creases can create skin problems over time, in the same way squinting and frowning can cause wrinkles on your face.

The best solution is to prevent sleep wrinkles is actually very simple – sleep on your back, use silk or satin pillowcases, and apply a night time moisturizer to protect your skin.


how to get rid of sleep wrinkles lines on face

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