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Niche Topics (Beauty and Wellness) is all about a natural approach to healthy skin, hair and nails. You'll love our collection of organic homemade beauty, bath and body treatment recipes using natural ingredients that nourish, pamper, cleanse and protect your skin. Harness the healing powers of Mother Nature's bounty to make yourself beautiful naturally.

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Does toothpaste and salt get rid of blackheads? I've very stubborn blackheads that are really hard to remove and they seem to increase day by day. I don't why the blackheads keep coming back even though I wash my face regularly with Neutrogena liquid facial cleanser and use a mud mask twice a week. I've never had any serious problems with acne, just one or two pimples appearing around the time of my menstrual cycle. I'd love to know what can I use to get rid of blackheads without popping them out. Thanks! – Cheryl, Utah.


7 Natural Things That Removes Blackheads Without Squeezing


how to get rid of stubborn blackheads without squeezing them

Hi Cheryl,

You're doing the right thing for your skin. The first and most important step in blackhead removal is to keep your face clean and apply clay/mud mask on a regular basis to draw out impurities and excess sebum that cause skin blemishes.

Blackheads (or open comedones) usually appear in clusters on the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) because these areas have more oil glands than other parts of the face. So, if you've naturally oily skin or combination skin, you're more prone to blackheads. In addition, using oil-based skin care products as well as makeup will clog up your pores and contribute to blackhead formation.


Does Toothpaste and Salt Get Rid of Blackheads?

This "toothpaste-and-salt" blackhead home treatment has been a topic of discussion on many beauty forums for years. While there is no definitive answer on whether this popular home remedy works or not, most evidence shows that although the calcium carbonate in toothpaste may temporarily help dry up excess sebum, it won't make stubborn blackheads go away.

In addition, certain toothpastes – whitening formulas and tartar control formulas – may contain abrasive chemicals that will irritate skin and cause burns in people with sensitive skin. For those reasons, you shouldn't use toothpaste to remove blackheads.


You've a wide range of options when it comes to blackhead removal. Many people invest in Proactiv to help remove stubborn blackheads and keep their complexion clear while others use blemish medication that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to help dissolve blackheads and prevent them from coming back. Pore strips, store-bought or homemade, are also good for removing stubborn blackheads. Needless to say, home remedies – all natural and effective – are always popular with blackhead sufferers.

Whatever you choose to use for blackhead extraction, make sure to gently scrub your face first. You want to remove trapped dirt, oil and dead skin cells that may hinder the efficacy of blackhead removal products. And, mostly importantly, do not squeeze out blackheads with your fingers as this may cause scarring.


What Can You Use to Get Rid of Blackheads Without Squeezing Them?

Savvy skincare fanatics know that tomatoes are not just good on salads but also great for oily skin. This antioxidant-rich fruit normalizes sebum production and prevent blackheads from popping out. What's more, tomato also contains lycopene, which is known to effectively whiten and brighten dull-looking skin while enhancing its natural suppleness.

Cut a small tomato in half and gently rub one half on your entire face, paying special attention to the areas that are currently afflicted with stubborn blackheads. Allow tomato juice to sit on your face for about 5 minutes before you rinse off with cool water to help close the pores.


If you don't have tomatoes in your kitchen, grab a lemon or lime. Applying lemon juice on blackheads will help slough off pore-clogging impurities and grime, and clear up your skin.

Soak 5 cotton pads in the juice of 1-2 freshly squeezed lemon, and place them on your T-zone (two on your forehead, one on your nose and the other two on your chin). Remove after 15 minutes. Repeat twice a day.

Alternatively, pour undiluted lemon juice into a clean spray bottle. Spray on problem areas and let dry naturally on your skin. You can apply lemon juice up to 3 times per day.

Can you use bottled lemon juice in place of freshly squeezed lemon juice? Like I've said many times, nothing is better than fresh natural ingredients for your skin. Some bottled lemon juice may have preservatives, artificial colorings, flavorings, additives, and all sorts of weird-sounding chemicals in them.


Your next best friend is honey. Honey has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that are known to kill bacteria on the skin's surface that cause infections.

Heat 1 tablespoon honey (I highly recommend manuka honey) in your microwave for about 10-15 seconds, or until it's warm to the touch. Dip a cotton ball in the warmed honey and apply onto blackhead-prone areas. Wash off after 10-15 minutes.

You may also want to try this for extremely stubborn blackheads – combine 2 tablespoons honey with 1 tablespoon baking soda and 1 tablespoon raw ground oats. Wet your face and spread the mixture evenly on your face. Using fingertips, gently massage in a circular motions for a few minutes. Rinse off thoroughly with water.


Aside from using the above kitchen ingredients to remove blackheads naturally, you can also apply aloe vera gel (or juice) directly on blackheads, or an egg white mixed with 1 tablespoon honey. Egg white together with honey works wonders as a natural blackhead home remedy because it binds to the blackheads and pulls them out when you peel it off.

A paste made from 1 teaspoon ground coriander, ½ teaspoon turmeric powder and a bit of water will also help you get rid of stubborn blackheads without squeezing them out.

I'd also suggest you use this homemade tea tree clay mask to absorb excess oil and draw out impurities and dirt from the pores. Tea tree oil is excellent stuff for blackhead-prone skin; it effectively kills bacteria that lie deep in your skin. For best results, use 1-2 times a week.

Place 1 tablespoon French green clay in a bowl. Add 2 drops tea tree oil and mix well. Wash your face and apply the clay mask. Let it dry completely and then rinse it out. Apply toner and a water-based moisturizer to hydrate skin and lock in moisture.



By Tiffany Moore


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