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4 Quick Fixes for Greasy Hair with No Time for Shampoo


Hi Louise,

Too much oil in your hair is never a good thing. It not only makes your hair feel sticky and lifelessly limp, but can also leave you looking less than professional and unclean for work.

Greasy hair can be a real problem since you need to wash it every other day, if not everyday, to keep your hair in the best condition – clean and healthy. And not to mention, the hassle of going through the time-consuming process of "shampoo-condition-towel-blow-and-style".

You've heard it right; it's possible to get rid of oil and clean hair without washing it or using water. Simply put, it's called dry wash (dry clean) hair. It's a quick way to clean and freshen your hair between washes, when you're in a hurry, and especially helpful when there's no water or you're unable to shower (for example, on camping trips or sick in bed).

Here are some short cuts which I found to be extremely helpful in my own experience. Try any one of these quick fixes to mask unwashed oily hair and stop looking like a greasy mess.


What Can You Do When You Have No Time to Wash Oily Hair ?

1.  Dry Shampoo

If you can't find the time to squeeze in a quick hair shampooing into your morning shower routine, then a dry shampoo may be your savior. Dry shampoos help to absorb excess oil, dirt and odors that build up in the hair. When brushed out, it leaves your hair clean and smelling fresh just like you had a shampoo.

My cousin-in-law of Asian descent swears by Bastise dry shampoo to give her hair a really good pick-me-up during her confinement months. The Chinese people believe new mothers should avoid bathing or washing their hair during confinement, after birth. Doing so will lead to joint pains and body aches in old age.

My favorite picks are Algemarin Shampoo "Dry-Powder Spray" (with Vitamin E), Klorane Extra Gentle Shampoo, and Tresemme Waterless Foam Shampoo (doesn't need to brush out). If your hair is dyed or colored, try Bumble & Bumble Hair Powder (comes in 5 different shades).


2. Homemade Dry Shampoo Recipe

If you're on the hunt for something cheaper, I highly suggest you make dry shampoo at home. It's a great alternative to store-bought dry shampoos, incredibly easy to make and you probably have the ingredients in your kitchen pantry cabinet.

This simple homemade dry shampoo recipe calls for purified talc, although some recipes use arrowroot powder, cornstarch, salt and cornmeal, oatmeal and baking powder, cornmeal and orris root powder and finely ground almond to soak up excessive oil from hair.

Place 25 grams of purified talc (available at most drugstores, or simply use unscented talcum powder or baby powder) in a blender. Add 4 drops each of rosemary oil, tea tree oil and lavender oil (or your favorite blend of essential oils) through the small opening on the lid to give your homemade dry shampoo a romantic summer floral scent. Make sure you add the oils, one drop at a time, while blending on very low speed.

Remove and transfer to a air tight container and keep it in a dry cool place. To use, powder 1-2 teaspoons dry shampoo onto your hair, particularly the greasy roots. Then gently rub it in and brush it out. This quick fix works like magic to remove grease and dirt, and also add a bit of sexy volume to limp hair. It makes you look as if you've been to a hair salon.


3. Wash Your Bangs

Another solution to revitalize greasy hair quickly is just shampoo and blow dry your fringe (bangs) as normal. Then tie up the rest of your hair up in a cute ponytail or put it up in a loose and classy bun, or wear your hair in a romantic side braid. This will reinvigorate your style and also, greasy hair will look less greasy when up.


4. Hide It

Alternatively, hide greasy roots in a pretty headband scarf, scarf turban or scarf beret. Pop over to Forever 21 for inspiration.


Having said the above, I suggest you take a close look at what you're eating. Consuming too much fats – junk food and fast food – in your diet may contribute to greasy hair problem.

By Tiffany Moore


I don't know why, but my hair tends to get greasy and sticky really quickly. I've to wash my hair everyday or else it'll look and feel terribly oily. But sometimes when I'm busy or running late for work, I have no time to wash my hair. I overheard a girl on the bus telling her friend that she washes her hair without any water whatsoever. Well, that's something totally new to me, and my question is how can I wash oily hair without water? I'm also wondering if there are any quick fixes for greasy hair, specifically on how to make oily hair not look oily without washing? I'm a blond woman with slightly wavy shoulder length hair. Thank you! – Louise, New Mexico.

no time to wash my hair

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