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Snake Venom Face Cream to Remove Wrinkles



By Tiffany Moore

With a plethora of anti-wrinkle skincare products available on the market today, fine lines are a thing of the past. Many of us are familiar with retinol formulas that fight wrinkles through skin exfoliation and not to mention Botox, a toxin that is injected to paralyze facial muscles, thereby helping to smooth out wrinkled skin.


Recently, a new product on the market – snake venom cream – is flying off the shelves faster than any wrinkle-stoppers after being touted as the most advanced anti-wrinkle cream that provide even better results than botox. Now, the question is:


Is snake venom face cream effective? Does snake venom wrinkle cream work?


In a word, “YES”. Before you get overly excited about wrinkle reduction without a surgeon’s scalpel or needles, let’s have a quick look at some of the reasons why facial wrinkles develop.


As you age, collagen production starts to decline and provide less support to your skin, causing it to become less elastic, thin and fine in texture. Specks of freckles can mysteriously turn into dark brown spots, your once dewy skin can take on a dry, moisture-starved appearance. Skin cells also do not divide as quickly as before because the natural aging process makes your metabolism slow down to a crawl. So it becomes harder for your body to repair the damage caused by everyday life such as prolonged stress, lack or sleep, poorly balanced diet and unprotected sun exposure. All of these can have a huge impact on your skin – premature wrinkles, blotches and age spots, dull and saggy complexion.


Additionally, each time you make a facial expression – wrinkling your nose, pursing your lips, furrowing your brow – tiny muscles pull on your skin, and these habitual expressions can become permanently marked  in your face as fine lines and wrinkles over time.


Snake venom face cream can be billed as an effective anti-wrinkle product simply because the cream is made from synthetic snake venom and work similarly to botox.


This artificially produced venom retains some of the properties of natural venom (Asian snake), in particular the ability to block neurotransmitters. When absorbed by the skin, it partially paralyzes the underlying muscle, resulting in a reduction of wrinkles.


What’s really attractive about snake venom cream is, unlike botox, it allows facial movement and emotion, but minimizes wrinkles and paralyzes muscles which cause fine lines. That means, you won’t end up with a completely unnatural “frozen” look, resembling those of Nicole Kidman, Kylie Minogue and Kerry Katona. Snake venom cream works very deep within the skin tissue to give you long term younger-looking results in a short period of time. Not bad, huh?


In fact, studies have shown applying snake venom cream twice daily for a month, decreases wrinkles by up to 52%, and 82% increase in skin smoothness. Experienced beauty industry specialists are already describing snake venom cream as one of the most miraculously effective anti-wrinkle product to hit the market in years. Current snake venom aficionados include superstars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Kingsley and Drew Barrymore, and boutiques have waiting lists months long for this new anti-aging sell-out hit.


So instead of undergoing costly and sometimes dangerous cosmetic surgery to get rid of expression lines and wrinkles, I honestly feel that snake venom face creams are a far better option. Snake venom cream is considered very safe and provides comparable results for a much lower price. Your skin will feel intensely nourished with moisture, more elastic and resilient, and fine lines visibly smoothed.


Just in case you haven’t heard, the beauty and aesthetics world is also going mad for this super potent anti-ager – coffee berry – better than white tea, blueberries, and pomegranates.


It was first discovered when coffee berry pickers in Costa Rica had badly wrinkled, weathered faces from many years of unprotected sun exposure. But the really amazing thing is their hands were beautifully soft and smooth, and remained virtually wrinkle-free. This led to skin care experts proclaiming that coffee berries are endowed with strong antioxidant properties that helped naturally reduce skin wrinkling by protecting the skin against enviromental damage and stimulating collagen production for a youthful, more radiant complexion.


High end creams that contain coffee berry can be crazily expensive, costing at least a few hundred dollars. Before you make that financial splurge, I highly suggest you do a bit of homework and read reviews online or ask friends for product recommendations. Try RevaleSkin, which is one of the first skin care companies to use coffee berry extract as an anti-aging treatment. Or, check out its competitor, PRIORI skin care products.


Coffee berry is also readily available in powder form as well as in an extract at most health food stores, locally or online. You can take it as a dietary supplement or add to your morning smoothie for an extra nutritional boost. Interestingly enough, there is some evidence suggesting that coffee berry consumption helps protect against coronary heart disease by lowering bad cholesterol levels.




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